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"A little bit about me"

My name is Dean, and I have been working as a personal trainer and fascial stretch therapist for over  ten years. 

We live in a society that works against our overall wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Our surroundings keep our stress levels consistently high and our jobs put our bodies under unnatural physical stress, prohibiting our bodies to move with freedom. We were born as three dimensional movers, but because of our adaptation to the "modern lifestyle" (which for many means sitting at a desk for hours a day) most of us find ourselves restricted to two dimensions. In day to day life, this means aches and pains during even the most routine activities, like folding laundry or walking up stairs. In the gym, this equates to a lack of range in squats, deadlifts, presses, chin-ups, and more.

A lack of mobility in muscular tissue and joints results in slower progressions in terms of strength, endurance and aesthetics. At a minimum, limited mobility means limited gains...and that's if you're lucky. In a worst case scenario, it can lead to debilitating chronic pain forcing you to put your fitness goals and quality of life aside indefinitely.

I can guide you work through these restrictions and eliminate them entirely through a combination of Fascial Stretch Therapy and  intelligent training. Let me help you move the way you are born to.

I promise you will uncover your flexibility/strength baseline and notice a difference in your body's strength and mobility after just one session. You don't have to live your life in pain or settle for mediocre results.

Let me unleash your inner athlete. 

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Fascial Stretch therapy is a table / on floor based assisted stretching system. It's a joint based approach  to help you move better. In simple words, experience yin yoga being done to you and walk away feeling light and mobile.

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How you move today will dictate how you move  a decade from now. 
My training will  improve your bodies ability to move and you will also learn how to integrate those session in your lifestyle because training shouldn't end at the gym. 

Whether you are a parent, an office worker or an athlete looking to improve your posture, function and performance, my methods will change your life. 

Allow me to show you how I can help you reverse your biological clock. 


Lack of understanding of how your bodies should be used results in degradation of the joints, postural adaptation and drastic drops  in your day to day function.
When you are in pain, you are distracted and if  your employees aren't focused, it drops their productivity. 
In my seminars you learn what causes your posture to degrade and how you can take control of it. By using targeted postural exercises, that require close to no equipment, your ability to  stay upright improves drastically. 

I provide simple and easy to apply solutions that improve your alignment and function of your body. 

Research proves that a good posture improves health and mood allowing people to focus better and be more productive.  

So say no nagging neck, hip, back and knee pain and learn how you can own your pain and eliminate the feedback. When you hurt, your body is talking to you and I can help your team understand that feedback. 

Through my virtual or in person seminars your team will improve productivity as they get better control of their bodies. 


Everyone needs a coach to get the guessing work out  so you can apply what works and enjoy the changes.
I help my clients identify what causes their bodies to regress and how to use fundamentals to improve the weakest links in their behaviors and bodies so they construct a stronger body and a fulfilling life. 

Through my coaching you will understand your body better and explore a strength that will alter your life.

Let me help you become your "Body Whisperer" so you understand what your body needs to be optimal all the time.

Reach out to book a complimentary virtual session so I can understand your predicaments and  help you overcome them. 

Contact Me 

Get in touch and start your fitness journey today. 

11 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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