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By bringing order to your thoughts, you manifest order in your life.

I believe, what energy we put out dictates what changes or events we attract in our lives.

Our thoughts are a form of energy that influences us on the cellular level, yet we take our words and thoughts towards others, and most importantly, towards ourselves, very lightly.

More often than less, I see clients refer to their pain feedback as an identity of the said limb, like saying, " I know my right side is fucked up," or "I know I am fat," or " I am aware I have bad posture."

Now, these are harmless things to say about yourself, well, at least thats what we think, but the truth of the matter is our dialogue will influence our healing and any physical change we desire within our bodies.

So open your heart towards your own body first with acceptance of its adaptive nature, but not identification with the conditions. So instead of thinking or saying my right side is fucked, thats why it hurts, change your internal dialogue to my body has adapted to how I use it. Now I am ready to pay more attention to how I use it, and I am excited to see how my body adjusts to this new change.

Know this; your body will love you and do what you desire until your last breath, whether your dialogue towards it is positive or negative. What it becomes is the result of your choices which are always within your control. So monitoring your eating and movement habits is an excellent first step. Still, when you add this element of positive thinking and positive dialogue towards yourself, you see the changes at a faster scale. Not to mention in a state of joy, you will fall in love with the process.

Please be gentle to you; your words are powerful, so use that power to create a body and life you desire, not life and body you fear you will be stuck with.

Change starts with a thought, so think about what you want to create, and be the masters you are here to be.

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