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Be a little weird to rise above the normal

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

If you want to improve how you move you need to be OK with looking weird at times.

We live in a society where peer validation is very important to almost everyone. So we monitor our every action to avoid coming across weird.

In our modern society we have variety of physical ailments as a result of a very sedentary culture. Now even the research points at how the lack of physical stimulation in our sedentary culture results in shortened flexor and weakened extensor. So anything that involves you to be upright will require more effort i.e standing, jogging, running or basically anything but sitting. No wonder most adults have no energy! It’s a cascade of dysfunctions impacting overall health in every imaginable way.

So functional training and mobility work has become very popular but still most people don't make significant changes in how they move and just settle for average performing body. Truth of the matter is unless you change the Volume of stimulation in favor of extensors, it's virtually impossible to make substantial changes to your mobility and posture.

Have you ever observed dogs sitting or stuck in a position for a while? what do they do when they get up? They stretch first before they move. This holds true for most animals. Animal are in tune with their bodies and its needs.

Humans are on top of the food chain because of our ability to coordinate in groups, think and move in different plains with ease. Although in this modern culture most are so conscious of how others will perceive their actions that they ignore their bodies basic needs. In the fear of judgement most suffer in pain and live unhappy lives.

If I am sitting in transit and my hips feel sticky I will get up and stretch them and thereafter pay extra attention to my posture without caring about what Mr Tight Joe thinks of my mannerism. This is because I believe, spreading out mobility work through out the day and stretching what needs to be worked on when it needs to be worked on creates a stimulation that can allow your body to adapt and change at that instance. Being consistent is the key. Initially it takes effort to pay attention but that too eventually becomes an automated task that your body performs for you.

After all to enjoy any life experience you need your body, so it makes sense to keep it in the forefront of your attention. So you feel control and presence no matter what’s in front of you.

Listening to our bodies is the step one to creating a lasting change and opening a channel of communication with our bodies which most lack. Whether it is nutrition or movement your body is capable of telling you what it needs. You just need to listen and give your body what it needs without fearing judgement, as what people think of you doesn't serve you in any way. When you are old and struggling with tying your shoes or putting your pants on that Mr Joe tight who’s opinion you cared for is not going to help you.

People are entitled to have opinions and judge you or your actions but its up to you to not give a FUCK. Don't empower thoughts or opinions that don't serve your best and true self. So be true to yourself. Be true to your body. Foster mind, spirit and body connection. This connection is all that matters in pursuit of a happy and peaceful life.

So give your body what it needs and be a little weird at times. Normal in this world is due for a change for a while now. Let’s be a little weird together! 🙏

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